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Here you can find the complete Report 2012, separate chapters as PDF and the most important tables as Excel download. To add a file to your collection, just click this icon on the right hand side. To remove a selected file from your collection click the X icon. Your collection can be downloaded as a zip file then.

PDF Files

Annual Report MRSK Ural 2012 PDF
In Brief PDF
Shareholder Letter PDF
The Largest Transmission Operator PDF
Air, Earth and Water — Three Media for a Power Line PDF
Special Report: Economics and Finance PDF
Developing Territory PDF
Adhering to Innovations PDF
Moving Mountains for Clients PDF
New-generation Transmission Pole PDF
Risks in Grids PDF
Eye of the Beholder: People and Company PDF
Corporate Governance in a Russian Grid Company PDF
Stock Market News PDF
Appendices to Annual Report 2012 PDF

Excel Files

Balance Sheet 2012 (RAS) XLS
Profit and Loss statement 2012 (RAS) XLS
Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income XLS
Consolidated Statement f Financial Position XLS