Dividend history

The dividend policy of IDGC of Urals, OAO is based on the balance of interest between the Company and its shareholders at the determination of the dividend amount as well as respect and strict adherence to the observation of shareholder rights stipulated by the Russian legislation, the Charter and our internal documents. It is aimed at increasing our investment attractiveness and market capitalization.

According to the approved dividend policy principles (BoD protocol #73 dd. 31.08.2010) dividends are distributed from the net profit (without revaluation of financial investments) following its distribution to obligatory reserves, investment program as well as clearing off of the operating losses shown in previous years.

Besides, there are the following newly approved conditions which are obligatory while deciding on the dividend payout:

  • There should be net profit without revaluation of financial investments;
  • Debt/EBITDA ratio as of the end of the year should not exceed 3;
  • Set reliability and service quality indicators should be achieved.

To view the Regulations on the Company’s dividend policy (BoD protocol #73 dd. 03.09.2010), please, visit our corporate website at: http://www.mrsk-ural.ru/en/374 (Section “Internal Documents”).

On June 14, 2012 the AGSM decided to pay RUR 245 550 thous. as dividends. The amount of dividend per share totaled RUR 0.0028. Dividends charged to the shareholders were paid within the terms set forth by the legislation.

As of 2012 the shareholders will receive RUR 156 501 thous. as dividends. The amount of dividend per share shall total RUR 0.00179.

Our dividend history for the last 6 years
Profit distribution as of the end of financial year201220112010200920082007
Net profit, RUR thous., including:625,8142,548,0501,684,7731,053,267861,3524,008
Reserve fund31,291127,402.584,23952,55343,068-
Enterprise development438,0222,175,8421,355,7291,000,714818,284-
Discharge of losses------
RUR thous..156,501244,805244,805--4,008
% of net profit25.0%9.6%14.5%--100%
Amount of dividend per share, RUR0.001790.00280.0028--0.0015941