Management Board

The collegiate executive body acts under the Charter and our internal document, approved by a GSM, the Regulations on the Management Board which stipulates the terms and procedure for MB convention and arrangement as well as decision-taking. The Management Board administers the current company operations and is responsible to the BoD and GSM. According to the Charter the membership of the Management Board is determined by the Board of Directors. During 2012 the MB consisted of 10 persons4:

Valery RODIN (1952)

The Chairperson, General Director of IDGC of Urals, OAO. Education: Urals Polytechnics Institute, profession: Thermal Plants. Share in the charter capital – 0.0081%.

Yury LEBEDEV (1963)

Deputy General Director for Technical Issues – Chief Operating Officer. Education: Ivanov Energy Institute, profession: Industrial and Transmission Automation. Share in the charter capital – none.

Evgeny POPOV (1959)

Deputy General Director for Corporate Governance. Education: Urals Polytechnics Institute, profession: Technical Physics. Share in the charter capital – none.

Olga ABROSIMOVA (1953)

Chief Accountant. Education: Urals State Technical Institute, profession: Management and Economics in companies. Share in the charter capital – 0.000947%.

Aleksey KRASNIKOV (1950)

Deputy General Director for Security and Controlling. Education: Sverdlovsk Law Institute, MVD Academy. Share in the charter capital – none.

Sergey SEMERIKOV (1979)

Deputy General Director for Capital Construction. Education: UGTU – UPI, profession: Project Management. Share in the charter capital – none.

Sergey ZOLOTAREV (1966)

Deputy General Director for Development and Sales. Education: Chelyabinsk Polytechnics Institute, profession: Energy supply of industrial companies, settlements and agriculture. Share in the charter capital – none.

Oleg MOSHINSKY (1969)

Deputy General Director – Sverdlovenergo director. Education: Urals Polytechnics Institute, profession: Energy Systems. Share in the charter capital – 0.00000128%.

Oleg ZHDANOV (1959)

Deputy General Director – Permenergo director. Education: Perm Polytechnics Institute, profession: Chemical and Technological Processes Automation. Share in the charter capital – none.

Igor BUTAKOV (1961)

Deputy General Director – Chelyabenergo director. Education: Chelyabinsk Institute for Agricultural Automation and Electrification, profession: Rural Electrification. Share in the charter capital – none.

There were 13 Management Board sessions in 2012

The Management Board consists of the most competent and experienced specialists able to properly perform their duties. The MB Chairperson is the General Director according to item 2, art. 70 of the federal law on the joint-stock companies and item 23.3 of the Charter. The MB members performed no transactions on share acquisition or alienation during the reported period. According to the Charter, employer’s rights and liabilities, on behalf of the Company, in regard to the MB members are performed by the BoD or a person authorized by the BoD. Conditions of labor contracts (including remuneration), concluded with the MB members in the name of the Board of Directors, are determined by Valery RODIN. No remuneration was paid to the MB members for MB sessions.

There were 13 sessions in 2012. During the sessions various issues, subject to the competence of supreme management bodies of the companies that are 100% owned by IDGC of Urals, as well as approval of a transaction on property with the value equaling 1-25% of the book asset value were reviewed.

4 All MB members gave written consent, as stipulated by the Russian legislation on the use of personal information in the annual report.