Publiс Relations

The development of integrated communications with target groups is one of the key elements of the Company’s strategic management. The Company constantly implements its united information policy. The key components of the management activities are initiation and realization of efficient communications with business, experts, scientists, state and municipal authorities, public organizations, veterans and youth groups.

In 2012 the Company arranged and implemented its communication program devoted to 70th anniversary of regional energy systems creation. The program involved regional authorities, heads of energy companies, personnel, industry veterans and mass media. The range of used instruments was very wide and included veteran meetings and creation of an e-presentation related to the history of regional energy sector as well as pages on social network web-sites. The Company casted itself as a sustainable company, reliable employer and leader of the sector that facilitates regional economy boost involving high-quality professionals. During the project we demonstrated the merits of Urals power engineers, drew attention of target groups to hard work performed to ensure reliable supply despite political changes and industry reforms.

The Company painstakingly builds relations with authorities and public organizations. Targeted cooperation with authorities enables the Company to obtain support of our initiatives from the regional administrations, to locate the Company as a leading regional gridco. We execute agreements on grid development on our service area. Regional heads, municipality heads and industry ministers regularly participate in the Company’s activities devoted to the launches of new energy facilities and client service centers. In 2012 our branches repeatedly obtained thank-you letters from municipal authorities for efficient work in connection and a quick restoration of energy supply interrupted by natural disasters. Several ministries and departments expressed their willingness to facilitate our activities related to the prevention of energy traumatism among children.

Under agreements signed earlier the Company cultivates relations with companies representing business interests — All-Russia public organizations Opora Rossii and Delovaya Rossia as well as Russian union of industrialists and entrepreneurs. In 2012 in cooperation with business circles we discussed measures related to the simplification of connection. In this respect the Company prepared an interactive map exposing 35-110 kV power centers. Regular contacts with the business help us find solutions to issues in disputes.

Dmitry Tyuktin, PR Director

We constantly work to create a positive communication environment for our business. The key direction in this respect is interaction with mass media to create a positive business reputation, increase information influence and promote our interests in the external environment. In 2012 the number of releases on our operations in mass media exceeded 6.6 thous. (+19% on 2011), over 85% of all releases were initiated by our PR department. Positive and neutral publications totaled 98%. A high share of releases initiated by our PR sections demonstrates the Company’s control over own image. The key topics for press releases in 2012 were investment program, repairs and operations during acts of nature as well as a quick restoration of energy supply after incidents. 64% of all publications on the Company covered the above-mentioned topics, 9% of publications were devoted to corporate governance and shares, 8% of releases exposed social policy of the Company, cooperation with veteran and youth groups.

IDGC of Urals is a regular participant of information activity ratings arranged by the leading business newspapers and magazines in the region. The Kommersant-Ural granted us the first place for regional information transparency for the second year in a row.

The Company pays a lot of attention to feedback. In 2012 we developed our online CEO reception room; over 350 clients resolved their problems via the service. The most frequent questions were related to connection, supply and metering quality. Applications forwarded via the online reception room were carefully studied by the management.

The Company continues to develop existing intracorporate communications and creates new ones. In 2012 we launched a web-site devoted to our Youth Innovative Center, over 500 employees, partners and students became its followers. The Company also promotes itself in social networks. We have over 800 followers in Facebook, over 300 followers receive our news via Twitter, our page in promotes our youth policy and helps seek young professionals. The traffic of our web-site in 2012 grew by 7% and exceeded 161 thous. unique users. The web-site entered Yandex top ten resources that disseminate information on energy supply. During the year we prepared 12 issues of our corporate newspaper that is an important instrument for non-financial stimulation of employees and for distributing information on the Company’s operations. Key topics covered by the newspaper were labor condition improvement, acquisition of new vehicles and equipment, labor safety, activities of veteran and young professional councils.

The Company’s web-site entered Yandex top ten pages on energy supply

Exhibitions are an important part of the brand communications and market positioning of the Company as well as shaping and supporting united image of the Company and its SACs. In 2012 the Company took part in 10 large exhibitions. We can mention two: Innoprom-2012 (arranged on the initiative of the Russian Government), where the Company presented its Innovative Development Program and federal projects prepared by the Company, and 15th Interregional specialized Exhibition of Energy-saving Devices and Equipment (Energy Sector, Energy-saving exhibition), where the Company presented the results of its Smart Metering pilot project to the governor of the Perm region and other visitors.

The participation of specialists and directors in Innovations in Public Utilities (Sochi) and Hannover Messe 2012 helped form proposals regarding the improvement of energy-saving legislation, proposals regarding audit, design and implementation of energy-efficient materials, technologies and equipment. The proposals were forwarded to the Russian Ministry of Energy, energy committee of the state parliament and regional executive and legislative bodies. Several proposals were included into Government Decree #1794-r dd. 27.09.2012.