Social responsibility

Social policy is one of the most important directions, components of internal policy of the Company aimed at securing personnel social stability using various social activities and programs. The key objectives of our social program are personnel and family care as well as veteran care and provision of decent living for our pensioners. Besides, our social policy is aimed at creation of favorable working atmosphere and socially responsible corporate image with a view to attract and retain highly-skilled workers.

The key objectives of our social program are personnel and family care as well as veteran care and provision of decent living for our pensioners

Our social program includes:

Voluntary medical insurance

All employees obtained additional medical services under VMI, over 60% employees were insured against accidents and illnesses.

Treatment, including health resorts for employees and their children

Over 900 employees and 730 children visited all-year country and sanatorium resorts.

State, sector, corporate awards

In 2012 670 employees obtained state, sector and corporate awards for high results, large contributions in enhancement and development of the Urals grid sector.

Corporate support of personnel in housing improvement

Over 30 employees obtained corporate support in housing improvement (target interest-free loan, rental compensation, mortgage interest compensation) worth RUR 4.5 mln.

Veteran care

We arranged clubs for veterans (technical club, chess club, etc). 215 veterans visited Urals resorts. Besides, we arranged a historical event related to the victory in WW2 and meetings for WW2 veterans and home front workers as well as excursions to new facilities and other events.

Various events for personnel and their families

We arranged competitions in 11 sports (skiing, volleyball, chess, swimming, indoor soccer, etc.) and formed teams that participated in sector, municipal and regional competitions. Our picked team participated in the 4th All-Russia summer and winter Olympics. Children of our employees participated in picture contest arranged by IDGC Holding and FSK.

Discounts, guarantees, compensations paid to the personnel as is stipulated by the collective agreement


In 2012 our charity focused on:

  • Renaissance of spiritual and historical centers (Urals Silver Ring and Simeon path routes, renovation of Kazan church and Virgin of Mercy church)
  • support of sports (support of the hockey team Avtomobilist)
  • support of unprotected population stratum (support of the Urals veteran organizations, all-Russia blind and invalid associations, orphanages and boarding schools)
  • corporate volunteering (target events for orphanages and boarding schools).