HR Policy

Vladimir Matyuk,
HR Director

Our HR policy is a HR strategy that unites various forms, methods and models of HR work and is aimed at creating team-oriented responsible and efficient personnel able to respond adequately to rapidly changing market requirements. One of the main directions of our HR policy is retention of personnel potential, including determination of a special personnel category that is very important for the company. Besides, the direction is focused on the improvement of motivation system and social programs as well as social partnership development. The next direction is replacement of personnel and includes preparation and implementation of measures on personnel juvenation, especially in production units. We work with personnel reserve and evolve training systems to develop personnel potential. Besides, we strengthen cooperation with leading Russian educational institutions as well as enhance psycho physiological security of operating personnel.

Average headcount in 2012 totaled 12 882 persons (in 2011 – 11 992 persons, in 2010 – 11 725 persons). As in 2011, personnel availability level in 2012 totaled over 98%, personnel turnover does not exceed 6%. Shares of senior and middle officers, specialists/clerks and workers are optimally balanced. At the same time, the share of workers dominates in the personnel structure due to technological processes requiring immense labor costs. The growth of the share of workers in 2012 was due to the transition of transportation services to non-contracted form.

Age structure is characterized by the domination of personnel up to 35 years (34%) and 45-pensioners (35%). This enables us to retain intergenerational continuity, actively engaging the most qualified and experienced staff in mentoring.

Our education system includes training and further training of operating and supporting personnel. During 2012 we trained 6 699 employees (+11% on 2011). Educational activities included on-site training, obligatory external training (including corporate educational center) as well as additional educational programs for all personnel categories arranged on the initiative of department heads, HR departments and personnel itself.

According to the Regulations on the target preparation of specialists with higher and secondary vocational education 230 students attend educational institutions. In 2012 222 students from universities and 108 students from colleges undertook an internship in the Company. The Company hired 57 university graduates and 12 college graduates. 9 students achieving high results in universities and colleges obtain grants from the Company.

The work with personnel reserve includes formation and development of managerial and specialist personnel reserve. The aim of personnel reserves is provision with qualified personnel that is ready for replacement or new positions as well as to increase loyalty and motivation of personnel and encourage their professional development.