Client policy

Ilya Azarinkov,
Head of Client
Relations Department

One of our strategic areas is increased quality of services. Client orientation is the key feature of our efficient management system. Client service centers provide complex services to the consumers and support unified standards for services and interaction. At present we have 10 client service centers in our branches.
Key functions of the centers are:

  • Arrangement of registration, processing and tracking of requests from consumers regarding conclusion of connection contracts and additional fee-based services;
  • Arrangement of the most comfortable conditions for consumers and system for continuous cooperation with clients with a view to improve service quality;
  • Arrangement of reception, record-keeping and analysis of complaints and applications from clients as well as reconciliation.

Due to specific features of our service area (considerable distances and low population density), development of long-distance client communication helps to find solutions to issues related to the Company’s operations within the terms stipulated by regulatory documents. With a view to improve the quality of client service and analyze client opinion on the services our personnel from client service centers and large and small production units polls the clients offering a questionnaire regarding the evaluation of speed and quality of services, amiability and professionalism of the personnel, completeness and availability of information posted on the corporate website and at the client service centers as well as convenient location and working hours of the centers. Besides, visitors can submit their requests and claims as well as specify a way of communication that is convenient for them. A client can submit a filled-in questionnaire to a CSC worker or put it in a box for clients or mail it straight to us.

On a quarterly basis, we consolidate information from the questionnaires for analysis and preparation of proposals regarding further improvement of client service quality and resolution of comments. Comments from our clients mainly deal with the duration and complexity of document processing for non-professionals. Our clients also expressed a wish to have client service centers nearby. Other wishes included sign-posting, visitor-friendly working hours, enlargement of parking lots, etc. In 2012 1 846 clients (69.96% - natural persons) filled in the questionnaires.

Since 2009 the Company has a 24-hours toll-free hotline for clients - 8-800-2001-220. Our operators underwent training and have various regulations stipulating interaction with operating and dispatching personnel. Hotlines are included into all regional reference books as well as all-Russia reference books on hotlines. Hotline center also process information on equipment failures, damages or theft, illegal or improper energy consumption. Such information is immediately forwarded to the security departments in our branches.

In comparison to 2011 the number of complaints decreased by 21.6%

In addition to the voice communications clients obtain service via web-sites of the Company. The web-sites are one of the important channels informing consumers on the Company’s operations, rules and service procedure as well as providing feedback. The corporate web-site and branch web-sites contain a link to automated system for positioning energy facilities (including information on equipment capacity and client service centers) using Google maps software. Besides, branch web-sites contain online poll “Evaluate our work” to monitor opinions and proposals of consumers regarding the improvements in service quality.

Consumers visiting corporate or branch web-sites can determine the importance of services provided by the Company (transmission and connection), satisfaction level, evaluate completeness and availability of information disclosed on the web-site on various topics as well as voice an opinion or comment and forward a complaint or request. Our personnel on a daily basis consolidate the information to prepare prompt responses to requests or complaints of consumers, to analyze and prepare proposals regarding further improvement of service quality and resolution of comments. Questionnaire analysis helps us identify vulnerable spots in client relations in the branches. This information is used during the planning of field audits of client relations departments in branches.
In the beginning of 2014 we plan to put into operation another online service (Personal account). The service is developed according to requirements set forth by the Regulations on Centralized Client Service System and is designed to provide information on connection request progress.

In 2012 our results are as follows: there were 132 320 applications submitted to client service centers (+291% on 2011). Problems stipulated in the applications mainly concern technological connection. 46% of overall applications were on connection. Number of submitted applications on connection grew by 122% in comparison to 2011. During 2012 we received and reviewed 3 746 complaints, 2 765 complaints (74% of overall received complaints) after review were acknowledged valid. In comparison to 2011 the number of complaints decreased by 21.6%.